No elephants in the Rigveda

saiga hand colour

The phrase “Mrga iva hastin” is translated as “Animal that looks like a hand” thereby referring to the Elephant. However, I suggest the meaning is really “antelope that looks like a hand” which is the Saiga Antelope found in Central Asia.

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Vena – Hymn 10.123 Rigveda

This Vena, born of Prsni’s womb, cherished with lamps, in his stately chariot.

(My translation of verse 1 of Hymn 10.123 of Rigveda.

The Creation Hymn (song) from Rigveda

You have no form, but you have always existed, just as dust that sits in the air.
Who can capture you? who can kill you? whose arrows can make you subservient? who else exists that’s so inexplicable and mysterious?

(Actual Translation of the first verse of Hymn 10.129 by Kant)

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