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Pitdwellers in the Rigveda


Indra and Vritra

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The misers

Hymn 3.53.14

kiṃ te kṛṇvanti kīkaṭeṣu ghāvo nāśiraṃ duhre na tapantigharmam


“What will they hear, why sing for them? they are such misers, they won’t even donate their mucous; they won’t even donate their sweat when it’s hot!”


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No elephants in the Rigveda

saiga hand colour

The phrase “Mrga iva hastin” is translated as “Animal that looks like a hand” thereby referring to the Elephant. However, I suggest the meaning is really “antelope that looks like a hand” which is the Saiga Antelope found in Central Asia.

(See my ebook “A Horse Amongst Donkeys” for further discussion.